How do you launch a brand that has already done some very spectacular things? Because of its launch today – and my involvement in it I would like to share a little bit about the Pelliano I’MPERFECT campaign.

Pelliano is a gentlemen’s fashion label that cares passionately about combining old and new. Its mission is simple: fill and manage the wardrobe of the 21st century gentleman. High-quality clothing at a great price and with a with a specific touch: all products combine genuine craftsmanship with Dutch Design.

During two highly intense brainstorms (one of which was a picnic) I’ve developed Pelliano’s I’MPERFECT summer campaign with their management team. The campaign is a little different because its models are a little different. They do not fit the typical mold by any standard, the I’MPERFECT campaign aims to ignite a broad debate about the nature of beauty in everyday life.

One model has a scarred face from a burn, another is bound to a wheel chair. Yet all of them look great in the campaign: self-aware, confident and stylish. Pelliano, challenges industry beauty standards with its summer campaign.

Since its launch in October 2011, the brand has experienced stellar growth. Their collection is available in 75 retail stores in 7 countries and with their e-commerce platform they’ve won a Dutch Industry Award for Males Fashion.

I’m very proud to have been on the team and I am looking forward to joining them on their journey to Florence, Berlin, Tokyo and beyond this summer….


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