It’s about Time

The Purple Cow, Good to Great, This Tipping Point, Linchpin, The Black Swan, The Google Way, The Four Hour Work Week, Made to Stick, The World is Flat, 59 Seconds…

….Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Hostage at the Table, The Long Tail, Outliers., Hostage at the Table, the Ultimate Question, Built to Last.

These are the kind of the books that anybody who’s in the know should know about.

Besides catchy titles and cleverly designed covers they’re pretty much all written by some smart ass who’s got something figured out that will transform the way you think/live/do business. You will find more of these at Amazon or the average airport-bookshop than you could shake a stick at.

Being an Amazon-junkie I buy tons of these books. And so do many of my friends. We love reading them. Or rather we would love to read all of them but we ever do. It’s about time. Most of them end up on the ‘unfinished-to-be-read-at-a-later-date’ pile. There’s simply too many of these books, our flights are too short and we generally seem not to be able to squeeze some extra reading time in our daily schedule. Work, our families, our social life and work have effectively colonized and occupied our agenda’s.

Still, most of us need to read these books. Or at least be able to pretend we actually read all of them. We do want to keep up with what everybody else is pretending to be reading, right?

That’s when a friend came up with the perfect idea. Isn’t it about time two clever young men (that would be us) summarize and compress the most popular of these business books into one little book. Just four pages per individual title; a summary the of its main principles, an explanation of its applications spiced up with a few good examples, and few smart tid bits about the author. Anybody can get up to speed about any subject or business insight in mere minutes.

Give it a catchy title (It’s a about time would do except that it has been taken) and stick it in a cleverly designed cover. Wouldn’t this be an instant bestseller? Except that we haven’t written it yet. Probably never will.

It turns out it really is about time after all. Work, our families, our social life and work have effectively colonized and occupied our agenda’s. This will be the single most important book that I’ll never write.

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  1. At least you had the time to leave a comment.

    p.s. Hugo is the brilliant friend that had that perfect idea. 😉

  2. Funny you say that…about summarizing. I started reading like a maniac a few years ago and it was (WAS!) those types of books – and that’s how i started the blog – where I would write up a short summary and takeaway infused with my personal experience/impact/takeaway from the book. I read so many business books that I was going dizzy – some very good ones such as Patrick Lencioni’s fables..or Gladwell’s Tipping Point and Blink (Outliers has been waiting its turn on my shelf for over a year now)….alas now I am reading classics. Tolstoy baby! 🙂

  3. Hi Bas,
    I have almost finished the book ‘sex, blogs & rock-‘n-roll’ from Ernst-Jan Pfauth. It’s a easy readable book about his succes as a blogger. While I was reading this book I kept thinking about your blog: I actually finished this book. the reason is that I have three times a week a ‘spare’ moment while sitting in the train…

    For the people who do not have these spare moments: this guy has also a blog with tips about how you can be succesfull. Easy to browse through. Decide for yourself if you want to do something with his tips:

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