Roos & van de Werk

Roos & van de Werk builds and shapes great brands and makes them stand out. Outstanding brands stay true to their core values and purpose yet proudly radiate their ambitions, personality and brand promise.

Roos & van de Werk helps you stake out your market space and conquer the hearts and minds of your target audience. Your positioning should be unique and perfectly aligned with your strategic ambitions. Great positioning is a cornerstone to any successful strategy.

Roos & van de Werk helps you increase your creative firepower, discover new insights and create new business ideas. We offer a unique set of of tools and programs, years of experiences as well as some of the best brains in the business.

Positioning, branding & identity, communications strategy.

It’s what we love doing. It’s what we do best.
And most of all, it’s is what delights our clients and delivers maximum value.

Roos & van de Werk was founded in 2013 by Frank Roos (previously founder of Bransoncompany with Leendert Bikker) and Bastiaan van de Werk (co-owner of Bransoncompany) is growing a team of talented professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.

2 thoughts on “Roos & van de Werk

  1. Dear Bastian,

    Your drawing of creativity definition is one of the best explanation of this phenomenon, that I know. Easy but meaningfull :-). Can I use it in my e-learning cours of creativity for students from University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Sopot (Poland)? Offcourse with source-link and information about author.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Radek,

    But of course you can use it (which picture do you mean – and do you need a higher resolution version?). Please tell me more about the course you are giving?
    Maybe I can help you with more (english language) tools / tips and content.

    beste wishes,

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